Capital Midas 650

  • A+ Rated for Energy Efficiency
  • Baskets Included as Standard
  • Lock and Key
  • Aluminium Interior
  • Suitable for Garages and Outbuildings

The Midas range from Capital is one of the most popular chest freezers in the UK and it is easy to see why. It combines commercial performance and build quality with the energy efficiency of a domestic unit. This means that it is perfect for either household or business use. It is A+ rated for energy efficiency, an aluminium interior for increased durability, extra thick insulation (70mm rather than the standard 50mm) for improved cooling and lower energy consumption, baskets are included as standard, lock with key as well as a pressure release valve to stop the frustration of a “sticking” lid The entire Midas range is suitable for use in garages and outbuildings. They have been tested to ambient temperatures of minus 10 degrees centigrade. The Midas 650 is the largest model in the range. It measures 1800mm wide, 750mm deep and 850mm tall. It has a gross capacity of 650 litres (usable capacity of around 550 litres).

ChillMatic Rating 85%

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