World Refrigeration Day: 26th June

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Industry associations and expert bodies have joined in setting up World Refrigeration Day. The worldwide celebration will begin on June 26, 2019, as a yearly event.

World Refrigeration Day day is to bring awareness and understanding to the general public. It will demonstrate the part that HVAC&R businesses play in present-day life.

Associations from nations around the globe have all shown their support.

RACHP and HVAC&R associations around the globe will embrace a scope of activities. The announcement follows the personal crusade of well-known industry figure Steve Gill. He concedes that the possibility of an industry day may not be new but the gaining of a consensus for a fixed date globally is.

“Refrigeration has such a long and fascinating history full of inventors, engineering pioneers, scientists, and industrial entrepreneurs from around the world, all who deserve to be recognised and remembered for their valuable contribution.

With such a long and rich history, agreeing upon a date has proven to be challenging at a national level, let alone an international one.

Yet, the industry has united in its desire to raise its profile to the general public for all the right reasons and so we were able to build solidarity upon many common goals and finally agree on a date.”

The term ‘refrigeration’ is frequently used in its widest sense. The procedure, accomplishing and keeping up a required temperature underneath that of its environment. The process, achieving and maintaining a required temperature below that of its surroundings. An example of refrigeration is the preservation and distribution of perishable food products. Refrigeration systems are used for providing personal comfort by means of air conditioning.

HVAC&R technologies and applications have evolved out of human need. Yet, it remains a frustration for those working within the industry. It is not recognised that modern life could not exist without it. A lack of appreciation by the wider society of the skill and knowledge used by industry experts.

World Refrigeration Day
World Refrigeration Day

Prominent Supporters

“Region underpins the foundation of World Refrigeration Day on 26 June. Such a festival is an affirmation of the part for our general public played by refrigeration, ventilating and warm pumps whether identified with wellbeing, nourishment or solace.

RACHP contractual workers spoke to by AREA are glad to add to accomplishing such honourable purposes”

– Marco Buoni, President of the European Contractors’ Association AREA


“REFCOM are pleased to have bolstered the debut World RACHP Day on June 26, in acknowledgment and festivity of the commitment the area makes towards ensuring the sustenance inventory network, lifesaving and solace cooling, process cooling, and reasonable inexhaustible warming advancements.

Refrigeration, aerating and cooling and warmth draws affect on relatively every part of present day society but is regularly the shrouded innovation that no one ponders until the point when something turns out badly, so it is correct that we recognize this commitment with an uncommon day in the date-book year.”

– Graeme Fox, Head of REFCOM


“The IOR is a glad supporter of World Refrigeration Day as an activity to raise the profile of the imperative commitment that refrigeration cooling and warmth pumps make comprehensively crosswise over such a large number of parts of present day life – from medicinal, to sustenance supply and cultivating, process designing to information and IT, refrigeration advancements are fundamental but then go unrecognized.

Uniting the world network to praise our prosperity and accomplishments is especially part of the IOR’s part to advance the progression of refrigeration innovations, and we anticipate working intimately with everybody supporting this incredible battle.”

– Miriam Rodway, CEO of the Institute of Refrigeration

Celebration in 2019 in the UK and elsewhere is yet to be agreed. The various groups are in discussion and details of planned events will follow.

A website is under construction to be ready by September:

Until then, you can follow events and updates through Twitter @worldrefday


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