Founded in 2018, ChillMatic is the brainchild of myself, John Officer.

Following working for a number of Refrigeration companies in various Sales, Business Development and Account Management roles over the last 10 years, helping grown companies into nationwide enterprises. I am proud to have worked with many of the UK’s leading retail, leisure and hospitality brands.

In this time I have sold, arranged installation, managed service of multiple types of refrigeration to a multitude of different environments and sectors. I have even seen the common faults and poor built equipment, as well as the manufacturers who put a lot into the quality of their products.

I am here to hopefully guide you to make the best informed decision for yourself on the best equipment.

I make any benefit from this website through purchases made through my partner and affiliate sites agreements, such as Amazon.com (and more!). It helps me bring you the truth on the products, without bias from sponsors and retailers. Thank you for any of your support!

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"Make a good choice today, so you dont have regrets tomorrow"

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John is special in both his assiduous work ethic and faultless reliability. He will constantly challenge the status quo in his tireless quest for perfection regarding attention to detail. John is one of those increasingly rare professionals who thrives on additional responsibility, citing a broad knowledge base to bring flair and precision to any project he is involved in.
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